Malta FSA warns its own website was cloned 

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Malta FSA warns its own website was cloned 

The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) said in a statement last week that it had become aware of a website using the layout and contents of the MFSA website, purporting to be the Netherland Financial Services Authority (NFSA), in an effort to deceive the public. 

This website has an internet presence at however, the website is currently offline, the Maltese regulator said. 

"The Authority would like to inform the public that NFSA or its website have no association with the MFSA and that any emails received from NFSA do NOT originate from the MFSA.

"The website therefore appears to be a clone of the Authority's website."

It alerted the public to never provide any sensitive and confidential information over social media, email or other means to unknown individuals and said it only communicated with the public through official channels.

The public should be extra cautious when approached via unconventional channels such as telephone calls, emails or social media, it said.