50,000 leave Oman in expat exodus

Pedro Gonçalves
50,000 leave Oman in expat exodus

August saw over 50,000 foreigners leave Oman as the sultanate continues to implement nationalisation programs in a push to integrate more Omanis into the country's workforce.

According to national daily Time of Oman, citing government data,  the expat population in Oman stood at 1,747,844 in August, a decrease of 53,895 from the previous month.

The expat exodus has been so massive that it has resulted in a general 3.88% population dip in the country. Oman went from 4,527,934 citizens to 4,480,333 between August 2019 and 2020.

All governorates in Oman reported a decline in population, but Muscat, the country's capital city, showed the drop at 6.2%.

To strengthen the national foothold within businesses in Oman, the Ministry of Manpower has introduced a visa ban on expat workers in the private sector for specific job roles, approximately 100 job titles, including; sales, marketing, IT, accounting, finance, management roles, human resources, insurance, media, airport relations and engineering.

 Oman has also introduced training programs to prepare Omani nationals to take on employment within numerous sectors in a bid to boost Omani workforce skills.

As reported, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have also been actively pushing down the expat numbers in a bid to get more nationals into jobs.


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