iM Global Partner reveals flagship Oyster Sustainable Europe fund

James Baxter-Derrington
The new fund will be available to retail investors for a TER of 2.1%

The new fund will be available to retail investors for a TER of 2.1%

iM Global Partner has renamed the Oyster European Opportunities fund, which it acquired in February 2019, Oyster Sustainable Europe and delegated management to Zadig Asset Management.

The European equity flagship of the Oyster range, the fund will integrate the UN Sustainable Development Goals, but it has yet to attain an SRI label.

Utilising a team of two manager/analysts, the fund will seek companies with an "above-average share of sustainable earning while maintaining reasonable valuation ratios" across a broad exposure to cyclical, defensive, growth and financial stocks.

The fund will be available to retail investors for a total expense ration of 2.1%, of which 1.75% are management fees.

Pierre Philippon, partner at Zadig Asset Management, said: "We are thrilled with the launch of the Oyster Sustainable Europe fund. This fund is the first step for the expansion of our range with our partner iM Global Partner.

"It is the result of months of work to establish an SRI investment process that is in line with our investment philosophy. We look forward to working with the iM Global Partner team and to present the Oyster Sustainable Europe fund to investors."

Philippe Uzan, CIO asset management at iM Global Partner, added: "Our selection of this SRI fund as the flagship of our European equities range demonstrates our commitment to innovate and meet the growing needs of our clients.

"The portfolio will seek to outperform the MSCI Europe index both financially and in terms of average sustainability. This market differentiating approach is simple and transparent to both institutional and private investors."

Adrian Vlad and Louis Larere, co-heads of the investment strategy of the fund, said: "The launch of the Oyster Sustainable Europe fund is allowing us to reach a new stage in our ESG integration process at Zadig Asset Management.

"It is an opportunity for us to take our vision of responsible investment one step further with the dual aim of outperforming the market as well as investing in companies that contribute to the Sustainable Development Objectives as defined by the UN."