Thailand scraps strict reporting requirements for expats

Pedro Gonçalves
Thailand scraps strict reporting requirements for expats

Thailand has scrapped the controversial TM28 form's change-of-address reporting requirements for all but a few expats.

According to the new requirements, while TM28 is still listed, a long list of exceptions have been added, which for all intents and purposes means that almost no one is now required to submit a TM28 form.

In 2019 a crackdown on the TM28 and TM30 forms caused an uproar in sections of the expat community who cried foul about their lives being made more difficult, and the inconveniences of the forms.

The list of exceptions, now added to the form, includes just about every foreigner - diplomats and those performing official duties, students, retirees, foreigners working in Thailand, foreigners married to a Thai or are the parent of a Thai child.

The previous requirements, which caused so much discussion last year, stated that foreigners who had stayed in another province for more than 24 hours were have to inform their local immigration office with a filled out TM28 form when they returned to their usual residential address.

Foreigners will still need to inform immigration if they change address permanently.

The regulation regarding TM28 is dated February 14 but came into effect on January 28.


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