More expat jobs to be replaced by Omanis

Pedro Gonçalves
More expat jobs to be replaced by Omanis

Oman's parliament is debating a mandatory proposal to hire Omanis in technical positions in the private health sector institutions as part of the Omanisation plan.

Under the proposal discussed by the Majlis Al Shura, Omanis are to be hired for technical positions, namely laboratory technician, medical profession auxiliary, physiotherapist technician, nursing profession, pharmacy profession, pharmacist assistant/pharmacist , X-ray technician, supervisor / health observer.

Hilal Al Sarmi, the head of the Health and Environment Committee in Majlis Al Shura and the Al Seeb member of Majlis Al Shura, said: "We have discussed Omanisation of medical jobs in the private health sector with members of the health committee in Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

"This meeting came about because of the increase in the number of job seekers in the health sector, especially job seekers in technical specialities. The government and the private sectors have responded to our suggestions," Al Sarmi said.

"Omanisation rates are very high in the government health sector, in general, where the percentage among nursing staff has reached more than 80, in pharmacy it has exceeded 90 per cent, and among the dentists it is at 95%," Al Sarmi added.

Oman's government has recently confirmed an extension of its visa ban for expats working in certain sectors, with the ministry of manpower (labour) confirming that visas will no longer be renewed once their licence has expired.


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