Thematics AM launches subscription economy fund

Ridhima Sharma
Thematics AM launches subscription economy fund

Thematics Asset Management (Thematics AM), an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers has launched a fund focused on a theme shaping the future of consumption across the world: the subscription economy.

The fund Thematics Subscription Economy invests in this attractive and growing market. 
This new fund is managed by Nolan Hoffmeyer, one of the founders of Thematics AM, and adds to the existing high conviction and active global thematic strategies offered by Thematics AM: Water, Safety and Artificial Intelligence & Robotics. Thematics Subscription Economy is available to both retail and institutional investors.
Thematics AM's investment philosophy relies on four pillars: identifying secular growth opportunities; being focused in terms of defining investment themes and universes; being unconstrained in terms of sector, geography or size ; and bringing a responsible investment approach.

The team focuses on identifying, developing and managing multi-decade investment themes fueled by four global primary forces that are transforming our world: demographic changes, globalisation, innovation and scarcity. Subscription Economy is an innovative and sustainable theme, supported by these secular growth drivers. 

Nolan Hoffmeyer, portfolio manager of the Thematics Subscription Economy Fund, said: "Shifting consumer preferences, technological innovation and increasing sustainability concerns underpin the growth of the subscription economy. While some industries were born as subscription services, such as telecommunication operators and media companies, many other industries are now offering subscriptions including video and music streaming, fitness, video games, mobile apps, retail, etc. In addition, subscriptions represent a more convenient and sustainable way to consume, while vendors benefit from highly recurring revenue with positive economics. We believe Subscription Economy is an attractive theme which will continue to grow globally, as companies adopting this business model attract more and more customers, who value the ‘usership' and the experience, rather than the ‘ownership'. A real trend shaping the future of consumption."