Kuwait issued 65,888 travel ban orders on locals and expats

Pedro Gonçalves
Kuwait issued 65,888 travel ban orders on locals and expats

Kuwait has put travel ban orders on almost 66 thousand Kuwaitis and expats this year according to the latest statistics from the ministry of Justice.

Expats amount for 70% of the kingdom's 3.6 million population. Tjhe figures also revealed that 36,114 orders were issued to lift travel ban, where as 67,440 orders were issued to lift arrest of debtors as local daily  Al Qabas reports.

The country is also issuing travel bans on expats who do not pay their medical bills: "While the State Audit Bureau reported that there are non-Kuwaiti patients who still receive treatment and leaving hospitals without paying any fees, the health ministry said in case of non-payment of deposit and treatment fees, the patient signs an undertaking to pay the fees, while the interior ministry is told to ban the travel of expats who do not pay," local media reports.

Kuwait City named recently been named the world's worst city for expats to live and work. According to Expat City Ranking 2019 by InterNations, Kuwait's capital is the world's worst-rated  city for leisure activities and for the local climate and weather while more than three in five expats are also dissatisfied with the local transportation and Kuwait City has the worst-rated quality of environment.

Another weakness of Kuwait City is its work life, for which it ranks 79th worldwide, ahead of only Istanbul, Athens and Rome. Over a third of expats say they are dissatisfied with their job in general (v 19 percent globally), and two in five are unhappy with the local career opportunities.

Kuwait City also has the worst-rated work-life balance worldwide, with 38 percent of expats rating this factor negatively.


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