Lindsell Train Global Equity fund continues lead of most highly rated on SharingAlpha

Jonathan Boyd
Lindsell Train Global Equity fund continues lead of most highly rated on SharingAlpha

For the second month in a row, the Lindsell Train Global Equity fund continues to lead the list of most highly rated funds on SharingAlpha, according to the most recent monthly calculation published by the platform provider.

It is among a number of global and European equity products that are ranked highly by the user base of SharingAlpha, which constitutes professional fund buyers.

The Valentum, Robeco Global Consumer Trends Equities, Baillie Gifford Global Discovery and Prosperity Quest funds round out the top five funds as identified by the fund selector ‘wisdom of the crowd', as they are based more on qualitatively derived expectations of fund selectors rather than backward looking quantitative filtering. A minimum of 10 ratings for a fund are required to obtain a rating.

The most popular fund, as defined by the fund of fund count kept by SharingAlpha is the FundSmith Equity fund.

Highly rated funds

Fund Domicile Rating Ratings
Lindsell Train Global Equity Fund Ireland 4.4946 15
Valentum FI Spain 4.4032 10
Robeco Global Consumer Trends Equities Luxembourg 4.3921 10
Baillie Gifford Global Discovery Fund United Kingdom 4.3912 12
The Prosperity Quest Fund Cayman Islands 4.3804 10
Schroder GAIA Two Sigma Diversified Luxembourg 4.3737 20
GAM Star Credit Opportunities (USD) Ireland 4.3223 17
Comgest Growth Europe Ireland 4.3182 10
Oppenheimer Developing Markets Fund United States 4.3132 10
Magallanes European Equity FI Spain 4.3126 22

Highly rated providers

Name Funds Rated Ratings Rating
Baillie Gifford 32 109 4.24
Degroof Petercam 8 63 4.16
American Funds 60 86 4.14
Polar 18 64 4.13
MainFirst 10 87 4.1
Robeco 32 111 4.09
Comgest 11 64 4.08
Vanguard 89 113 4.05
Allan Gray 4 51 4.03
Fiera 4 54 4.03

Most popular funds

Fund Domicile Fof Count
Fundsmith Equity United Kingdom 38
Morgan Stanley INVF Global Opportunity Fund Luxembourg 24
Merian Global Equity Absolute Return Fd Ireland 22
Nordea 1 - Stable Return Fund Luxembourg 18
BSF European Opportunities Extension Fd Luxembourg 18
Magallanes European Equity FI Spain 17
PIMCO GIS Income Fund Ireland 16
Fundsmith Equity Fund Feeder Luxembourg 14
Groupama Avenir Euro France 14
Allianz Europe Equity Growth Luxembourg 14

Most popular categories

Category Score Allocation Score
Global Macro 100 100
Europe Equity Mid/Small Cap 57 60
Market Neutral 67 52
Long/Short Credit 68 42
UK Equity Mid/Small Cap 66 42
Europe Emerging Markets Equity 98 14
Europe Equity Large Cap 57 37
Africa Equity 68 29
Consumer Goods & Services Sector Equity 32 48
Convertibles 61 23

Highly rated funds by category

Category Fund Provider
Aggressive Allocation First Eagle Amundi International Fund Amundi Pioneer
Asia ex-Japan Equity Mirae Asset Asia Sector Leader Equity Fd Mirae
Asia Fixed Income Matthews Asia Fds Asia Credit Opps Matthews Asia
Asia Equity JPM Pacific Equity Fund JP Morgan
Cautious Allocation Invesco Pan European High Income Fund Invesco
Greater China Equity Janus Henderson China Opportunities Fund Janus Henderson
Commodities Broad Basket Vontobel Dynamic Commodity Vontobel
Consumer Goods & Services Sector Equity Robeco Global Consumer Trends Equities Robeco
Convertibles Lazard Convertible Global Lazard
Currency First Trust FactorFX ETF First Trust
Emerging Markets Equity Oppenheimer Developing Markets Fund Oppenheimer
Emerging Markets Fixed Income Neuberger Berman Em Mkt Dbt Hard Ccy Fd Neuberger Berman
Energy Sector Equity First Trust North Amer Engy InfrasFund First Trust
Europe Equity Large Cap Liontrust European Income Fund Liontrust
Europe Equity Mid/Small Cap azValor Iberia FI azValor
Euro Fixed Income H2O Multibonds Natixis
Euro Money Market Amundi 3 - 6 M Amundi Pioneer
Flexible Allocation Belgravia Épsilon FI Belgravia
Global Equity Large Cap GuardCap Global Equity GuardCap
Global Equity Mid/Small Cap Baillie Gifford Global Discovery Fund Baillie Gifford
Global Fixed Income PIMCO GIS Global Bond Fund Pimco
Market Neutral Pictet TR - Agora Pictet
Long/Short Equity Eleva UCITS - Elv Abs Ret Euro Lemanik
High Yield Fixed Income Manulife Emerging Markets Debt Fund Manulife
India Equity Kotak India Midcap Fund Kotak
Industrials Sector Equity RobecoSAM Smart Materials Fund Robeco
Japan Equity Baillie Gifford Japanese Fund Baillie Gifford
Latin America Equity Perfin Foresight FIC FIA Perfin
Moderate Allocation JOHCM Global Income Builder fund J O Hambro
Multialternative SVS Church House Tenax Abs Ret Strts Fd Church House
Other Alternative Bridgewater Pure Alpha Strat 18% Vol Bridgewater
Other Equity RobecoSAM Sustainable Water Fund Robeco
Other Fixed Income GAM Star Credit Opportunities (USD) GAM
Precious Metals Sector Equity Merian Gold & Silver Fund Merian
Property-Direct Schroder UK Real Estate Fund Schroders
Real Estate Sector Equity AXA Aedificandi AXA IM
Natural Resources Sector Equity Investec GSF Global Natural Resources Fd Investec
Technology Sector Equity Polar Capital Global Technology Fund Polar
Sterling Fixed Income Baillie Gifford High Yield Bond Fund Baillie Gifford
UK Equity Large Cap Liontrust Special Situations Fund Liontrust
UK Equity Mid/Small Cap Marlborough Special Situations Fund Marlborough
US Fixed Income LFPartners ASG Dynamic Income Fund ASG
US Money Market Iron Trust - Treasury Fund Irontrust
US Equity Large Cap Blend Artemis US Extended Alpha Fund Artemis
US Equity Large Cap Growth MS INVF US Growth Fund Morgan Stanley
US Equity Large Cap Value Robeco BP US Premium Equities Robeco
US Equity Mid Cap Threadneedle American Smlr Coms Fd(US) Columbia Threadneedle
US Equity Small Cap T. Rowe Price US Smaller Companies Eq Fd T Rowe Price
Africa Equity Marriott Dividend Growth Marriott
Africa Fixed Income STANLIB Aggressive Income STANLIB
Europe Emerging Markets Equity Prosperity Prosperity Cub Prosperity Capital
Long/Short Credit Legg Mason WA Macro Opportunities Bd Fd Legg Mason
Global Macro H2O Adagio Natixis

Highly rated hedge funds

Fund Domicile Rating Ratings Category
The Prosperity Quest Fund Cayman Islands 4.3804 10 Unspecified
Schroder GAIA Two Sigma Diversified Luxembourg 4.3737 20 Multialternative
MLIS Marshall Wace Tops UCITS Fd (MN) Luxembourg 4.2078 14 Market Neutral
Polar Capital UK Absolute Equity Fund Ireland 4.2028 12 Long/Short Equity
OAKS Emerging and Frontier Opportunities Fund Ireland 4.0149 16 Long/Short Equity
JPM Global Macro Opportunities Fund Luxembourg 4.006 19 Multialternative
Merian Global Equity Absolute Return Fd Ireland 3.907 39 Market Neutral
GAM Systematic Alternative Risk Premia Ireland 3.8949 16 Multialternative
Liontrust GF European Strategic Eq Fd Ireland 3.8631 37 Long/Short Equity
Jupiter Global Absolute Return Luxembourg 3.8368 28 Multialternative
Jupiter Global Fund - Jupiter Europa Luxembourg 3.8098 10 Long/Short Equity
Invesco Global Targeted Returns Fund Luxembourg 3.6902 23 Multialternative
Pensato Europa Absolute Return Fund Ireland 3.6722 22 Long/Short Equity
RAM (Lux) Sys L/S European Equities Luxembourg 3.6705 31 Market Neutral
Pictet Alternative Pleiad Credit Opps Luxembourg 3.6416 10 Multialternative
Pictet Alternative World Equity Hedge Luxembourg 3.6406 15 Long/Short Equity
36ONE SNN QI Hedge Fund South Africa 3.6343 27 Long/Short Equity
Nordea 1 - Global Long Short Eq Fd USD H Luxembourg 3.5857 23 Market Neutral
Esperia Fds SICAV Duemme Strategic Port Luxembourg 3.4965 16 Multialternative
Aviva Investors Multi-Strat Trgt Ret Fd Luxembourg 3.44 34 Multialternative



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