VanEck rebrands Think ETFs

Ridhima Sharma
VanEck rebrands Think ETFs

Global asset manager VanEck has rebranded 14 Think ETFs, which it had incorporated in its product portfolio following the acquisition of the Dutch ETF issuer Think ETFs in January 2018. As a result of the integration, 24 ETFs have been licensed for distribution and are now marketed in the United Kingdom under the name VanEck Vectors, of which 19 are listed and traded on the London Stock Exchange.

The VanEck ETFs are focused on intelligent strategies and offer investors access to a broad range of different asset classes. These comprise gold mine shares and high yield bonds, as well as global, European and North American equity, global real estate equity and corporate and government bonds in the eurozone and on a global level. VanEck has USD 51 billion of assets under management worldwide in both passive and actively managed funds (as of: 31 October 2019). 

"By renaming the Think ETFs as VanEck Vectors ETFs, we are finalising the integration, broadening our product portfolio and reinforcing the brand, while continuing to focus on innovative, forward looking, and intelligently designed investment strategies. VanEck Vectors ETFs position themselves as specialised strategies such as gold mine equities, US smart-beta equities and other specialties in the area of fixed income, such as fallen angel high yield bonds and emerging market bonds. By enlarging the product range and including equal weight equity benchmarks, dividends and real estate, we offer attractive portfolio components for all types of investor," said Philipp Schlegel, head of Sales for the United Kingdom at VanEck.

VanEck first announced the listing of the VanEck Vectors Video Gaming and eSports Ucits ETF on the London Stock Exchange in June 2019. In doing so, the asset manager is offering the first ETF in this rapidly growing business segment via the London Stock Exchange. The innovative ETF will allow investors to put their money into the "future of sport".

All VanEck ETFs embody the philosophy of offering investment solutions with unique selling points. The ETFs are physically replicated and do not engage in securities lending.