ODDO BHF AM unveils maturity fund

Ridhima Sharma
ODDO BHF AM unveils maturity fund

Oddo BHF AM has expanded its series of maturity funds and launched its eleventh maturity fund, the ODDO BHF Global Target 2026.

The predecessor fund ODDO BHF Haut Rendement 2025 with net assets of more than €1bn was closed on 30 September 2019 for subscriptions.

Oddo BHF Global Target 2026 invests in bonds rated BB + and B-. The investment focus is on speculative stocks (high yield bonds), which are due on July 1, 2027 at the latest. The fund will be broadly diversified across the region and can invest up to 40% outside OECD countries.

Responsible for the stock selection is a two-headed fund management team headed by Olivier Becker. They are supported by an eight-member analyst team. The basis for this is a stringent investment process and in-depth fundamental analyzes. A buy-and-maintain approach is pursued, with each issuer represented in the portfolio being continuously monitored.

The fund is open for subscription until 30 December 2020.