FinecoBank partners with M&G to launch fund range in the UK

Eugenia Jiménez
FinecoBank partners with M&G to launch fund range in the UK

FinecoBank has partnered with M&G to offer a range of 80 investment funds to its clients in the UK.

The funds offering will be available on Fineco's investment platform at a "competitive fee of 25 basis points per year," the company said in a note.

It added: "M&G's position as one of the leading investment houses in the UK makes it a logical fit with the bank. This is Fineco's first partnership with an investment house in the UK, however there are plans for others to be added to bank's platform in the coming months."

FinecoBank launched in the UK just over two years ago with an offer focused on trading banking and investing services, which can be managed through a single account, with the ability to hold up to 13 currencies as standard.

In the last two months, the bank added the Chinese Yuan to its list of currencies available to UK clients, and the the Canadian Stock Exchange to its portfolio of stock options. 

Paolo Di Grazia, deputy general manager: "As the one-stop shop of financial services, we're delighted to be able to offer our UK customers a further opportunity to invest, in addition to trading and banking.

"M&G provides some of the most diversified portfolios available to suit a range of different risk appetites. This means that we can offer the very best options to our customers, whilst maintaining extremely competitive prices.

"We expect to set up further partnerships with important investment houses in the coming months, continuing to enhance our position in the UK market."

Jonathan Willcocks, global head of distribution, M&G added:We've had a strong relationship with Fineco for more than 10 years in Italy and are delighted to be able to join forces with them for the UK market. It's a unique and sophisticated offering with an international focus and the breadth of our investment strategies will be available on it."

Eugenia Jiménez
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