RL360 announces 10,000 applications to online system

RL360 announces 10,000 applications to online system

RL360 has announced the company received its 10,000th online application since the launch of the company's new business desktop and tablet online application system.

Desktop applications were introduced in May 2016 and the tablet app 10 months later. Initially for Quantum, the app was subsequently developed to include Oracle and then the new Regular Savings Plan (RSP) product.

Online applications now account for over 35% of RSP and Oracle applications received by RL360.

"This is an important milestone for us, demonstrating our commitment to use technology to provide faster and more cost effective ways for advisers and customers to interact and do business with us," said RL360 marketing director Simon Barwell.

The desktop and tablet apps provide an efficient, cost-effective way for advisers to submit clients' applications.

The online system eradicates hold ups while the applications are in transit and the need for expensive courier costs. RL360 says the system's smart validation feature means errors or omissions are identified early, reducing delays in accepting new business.

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