International investors own half of listed shares in Spain

Eugenia Jiménez
International investors own half of listed shares in Spain

International investors own a record 48.1% of the Spanish stock market in July, according to a recently-published report from BME's Research Department on the share ownership structure in Spain.

The figure is 2% up from last year, reaching the ownership of Spanish listed shares by non-resident investors a record high, July's data from the Spanish stock market operator (BME) reflects. 



The report also suggests that share ownership by foreign investors of Spanish listed companies is greater, more diversified and transparent than that of non-listed, since these investors account for little more than 20% of the shares of non-listed companies while own almost 50% of the value of the companies listed on the Spanish stock market.

Non-financial companies are the second largest owner group of Spanish listed companies, holding 20.5% of their market value, four tenths more than last year. According to the Spanish stock market operator this is partly due to the fact that these companies have increased their participation in the stock market by over 3% since 2014 following the divestments seen during the financial crisis to reduce debt. 

On the contrary, the weight of Spanish households in the stock market fell two points to 17.2%, partly due to the rise of investment through collective investment institutions. 

The participation of investment funds, pension funds and insurance companies (7.9%), Public Administrations (3.3%) and banks and savings banks (3%) in the Spanish stock market remains practically stable.

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