Ecofi Investments launches Ecofi IA Responsible

Elisabeth Reyes
Ecofi Investments launches Ecofi IA Responsible

Ecofi Investments has launched Ecofi IA Responsible, a fund that it says uses artificial intelligence (AI) to extract performance from ESG data.

Focused on eurozone equities, the portfolio uses AI to crunch large amounts of financial and non-financial data. Ecofi Investments has been working in partnership for more than five years with Advestis, which was awarded the Fintech Innovative Finance Innovation in 2016 for its development of intelligence techniques. Its approach uses the application of mathematical algorithms combining ESG performance, market data and fundamentals of the values that make up the EuroStoxx index.

Pierre Valentin, chairman of the Board of Ecofi Investments, said: "This project allows us to link two areas of development - the SRI and quantitative management based on artificial intelligence - which until now had remained relatively independent. Far from the black boxes of some models, we are vigilant to the transparency of our management, and that the manager retains a right of last look."

Data, including AI was addressed at the recent InvestmentEurope Pan-European ESG Summit Zurich 2019. Click here for further details: