Mirabaud AM launches fixed maturity emerging markets debt fund

Eugenia Jiménez
Mirabaud AM launches fixed maturity emerging markets debt fund

Mirabaud Asset Management is expanding its fixed income funds range with the launch of a fixed maturity emerging markets debt strategy.

Mirabaud's Emerging Market 2024 Fixed Maturity strategy, launched with $90m of assets under management, aims to capture the attractive yields currently offered by emerging markets issuers with a profile close to a single bond and the diversification offered by a portfolio of debt instruments.

The strategy provides exposure to hard currency emerging market fixed income with a 2024 finite horizon while it takes a buy and hold approach across corporate, sovereign and quasi-sovereign debt, accessing some of the best opportunities with the highest risk/reward across emerging markets globally.

The Fund is managed by Daniel Moreno, head of emerging markets fixed income, and Puneet Singh, senior fixed income portfolio manager. Both Moreno and Singh have extensive experience in emerging markets fixed income investing and currently manage the Global Emerging Market Bond Strategy, which implements dynamic decisions across sub asset classes and currencies, at different times in the economic cycle.

Daniel Moreno, head of emerging markets fixed income at Mirabaud Asset Management said: "We are delighted to provide investors with another dynamic investment capability to meet their evolving needs. A Fixed Maturity fund is particularly relevant in an environment where diminishing liquidity in the hard currency market is gradually becoming a significant challenge and a major driver for valuations. By investing in Emerg­ing Market Debt to maturity, investors can extract a high degree of visibility within a specified horizon whilst reducing market-to-market sensitivity, both of which translate into higher risk-adjusted returns."