ESG Summit considers how data, data science impacts on investor choices

Jonathan Boyd
ESG Summit considers how data, data science impacts on investor choices

InvestmentEurope's upcoming Pan-European ESG Summit Zurich 2019 will, among other key topics, consider how investors can apply quantitative approaches and best use data science to make informed investment decisions in regards to ESG factors.

There is growing demand for more and better data as increasing numbers of institutional and retail investors make a concious choice to shift their exposure towards ESG objectives; but also methods for applying the data to ensure that investment decisions are being made for the right reasons, whilse still maintaining adherence to fiduciary duties.

Among the sessions being considered through the ESG Summit are:

  • Can quants do ESG? Limitations and opportunities
    • This session will provide a reality check on the current state of ESG, with Asha Mehta (pictured right), senior vice president, portfolio manager, director of Responsible Investing at Acadian Asset Management discussingrigorous quantitative approaches to ESG investing work and exploring how materiality, big data, and reporting can make a difference to the investment portfolio. A special case study speaker will also highlight how Acadian
      collaborated with a charity foundation, Funds For Good, to help them achieve specific ESG objectives. Nicolas Crochet (pictured right), co-CEO, Funds for Good joins this discussion also.
  • How ESG data science transforms investment strategy
    • Artificial intelligence increasingly drives developments in capital markets. This session outlines how machine learningcombined with human analysis can be used to meet
      investor's needs. Philipp Aeby (pictured left), CEO of RepRisk explains how it applies artificial intelligence on labelled datasets to differentiate its risk-focused ESG data and provide customized quantitative solutions for asset managers. 

For further insight into the full programme of the ESG Summit, visit:

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