Lisbon-based Bison Bank names new CEO

Eugenia Jiménez
Lisbon-based Bison Bank names new CEO

Lisbon-based Bison Bank has appointed Fang Bian as its new CEO in a move aimed at further developing the firm's connections between the European and Asian markets. 

With over three decades' experience in the banking sector, Bian will be responsible for supporting the expansion across the Euro-Asia corridor of the bank's core businesses in wealth management and investment banking, whilst assuring a strong risk management culture and framework.

Bian takes on his new role after having worked in the investment banking and commercial banking industries across Hong Kong, Singapore, London and Beijing for around 30 years. Within the Group, he was the Chief Executive Officer of Bison Finance Group and Member of the Management Committee at Bison Capital Financial Holdings. He previously worked in the Bank of China International (BOCI), holding managing positions in several markets.

Bison Bank's CEO Fang Bian, said: "Bison Bank aims to create a solid link between continents, whilst supporting a steady stream of connections that bring markets closer to investors all over the globe. We will strive to provide our clients the best banking solutions and one-stop financial services, leveraging on our cross-cultural knowledge."

Bison Bank, formerly known as Banif - Banco de Investimento (BBI), was acquired by Hong Kong-based Bison Capital from Oitante in July 2018.