94% of investors ready for Impact in next 1-3 years: study

94% of investors ready for Impact in next 1-3 years: study

The vast majority of investors - 94% - are ready to commit cash into Impact portfolios, according to Dublin-based KBI Global Investors (KBIGI).

KBIGI, which boasts a long-standing commitment to responsible investing has published the findings of a new global Impact Investing study, exploring investor views on what it calls the Public/Private approach.

KBIGI said in statement that it has identified a "well-established and rapidly growing appetite" for Impact Investing, with 78% of respondents confirming that they are already investing in the Impact space (21% in Public Equity/21% in Private Equity/35% both). 70% confirmed their appetite for further education and training in the Impact space, with 94% stating that they are looking to increase their allocation to Impact over the next 1-3 years.

Eoin Fahy, head of responsible investing at KBIGI said, "While the blended Private and Public Equity approach to Impact Investing is widely accepted and growing, the Impact community at large must to do more to connect, educate and make Impact Investing more tangible for investors through better access and measurement."

Just over a year ago, KBI Global Investors announced what it believes is a significant breakthrough, becoming one of a very small band of managers to successfully measure the revenue Impact of its portfolios.  The firm did this by calculating the percentage of each investment portfolio's revenue that is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (‘SDGs'). 

KBIGI takes the total amount of revenue earned by the companies in their portfolios, and then allocates that revenue to various business activities.  Then for each business activity, the firm decides whether that activity has a positive, neutral or negative impact in achieving the SDGs, the company said.

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