Epworth IM launches two ethical investment funds

Epworth IM launches two ethical investment funds

Epworth Investment Management, serving the needs of churches and charities, has launched two new ethical investment funds. They are designed to meet the growing demand for Christian investment solutions, following unprecedented appetite from UK charities last year.

Epworth Global Equity fund for Charities and the Epworth Multi-Asset fund for Charities, extend long term investment options to five equity and bond funds, providing global coverage. All of these funds will be structured as Charity Authorised Investment funds, the most modern solution available to UK charities. They are complemented by cash deposit fund, which pays charities a competitive rate of interest, currently 0.7%, on their cash balances.

The funds are available to all UK charities and are designed to ensure their long term investment objectives are met, in a way that is consistent with Christian values.

David Palmer, chief executive, commented: "Our mission is to support UK charities by offering them efficient investment options that meet their objectives. The launch of these new funds demonstrates this continued commitment, through high quality investment funds that are rooted in a Christian approach."