Candriam unveils investment simulator to strengthen distribution networks

Candriam unveils investment simulator to strengthen distribution networks

Brussels-headquartered Candriam Investors Group has launched Candriam Robo Investment Simulator (CRIS), a state-of-the-art facility simulator.

CRIS complements the range of digital services that the company is developing in order to establish partnerships with distribution networks, such as independent players, banking and insurance groups, which remain underequipped.

Renato Guerriero, global head of Distribution at Candriam, said: "Candriam is continuing to expand its business among distribution clients with a high added value solution. Our ambition is to enhance our range of traditional asset management services by proposing unique solutions within the market. These solutions have been built upon our expertise which we have developed over more than 20 years, particularly in the field of responsible investments. Investment simulators are a vital tool required by networks to win new prospective clients within a strict regulatory framework. The key issue is to adapt these tools to current client needs and to regulatory changes, which is where CRIS offers precision and flexibility."

CRIS has the following features:

  • Personalised onboarding of the end customer in accordance with the preferences of the distributor and adaptation of the portfolios to their risk profiles,
  • Harmonisation of customer offers through sample portfolios,
  • Integration of the partner's buy list into the portfolios or any other investment products,
  • Cutting-edge technology for the development of viable model portfolios,
  • Tools for presenting the various performance and risk indicators included in the offer, which can accompany the conversation between end customer and banker / advisor,
  • Co-development opportunities to integrate CRIS into transactional programs and customer portfolios.

CRIS is available in an Investor version and a Distributor version, to ensure that it  perfectly matches the needs of different types of investors.

CRIS Investor targets the wider public and is built as a simulation and educational support tool for managing personal savings.

CRIS Distributor adds value to financial advisor solutions, by making the most pertinent funds or investments available to their clients, in a time saving and efficient manner, thus enhancing the customer experience throughout the relationship.