J. Stern launches global equity Ucits fund

J. Stern launches global equity Ucits fund

London and Zurich-based Private Investment company J. Stern & Co. has launched World Stars Global Equity strategy in a Luxembourg Ucits fund. 

World Stars Global Equity fund has been launched following investor demand for a more accessible way of investing in the World Stars Global Equity strategy. It has been made available in a Luxembourg Ucist IV format, using the Alpha Ucits Sicav, the leading Luxembourg Ucits platform.

The strategy, which is unconstrained and does not track a benchmark, invests in a concentrated selection of 20-30 shares in leading global companies with enduring competitive advantages and a long runway of growth. CIO Christopher Rossbach and his team select companies based on their own fundamental research, focusing on quality and value for the long-term. 

It represents the core approach with which the Stern family has managed the largest proportion of its financial assets for the past 60 years, following Maurice Stern's proven investment principles of investing for the long-term based on proprietary research and a focus on quality.

The fund has been structured following the same clear, simple and transparent principles which are at the heart of J. Stern & Co. It does not hedge markets or currencies, take short positions or use leverage for the purpose of investing. It was launched on 8 April 2019. The Stern family has seeded the fund with more than $30m. Current assets are $45m.  

It has share classes in USD, GBP, EUR and CHF in both accumulation and distribution formats. The fund is available to institutional, charity and retail investors with USD/EUR/GBP/CHF 1 million, USD/EUR/GBP/CHF 1 million and USD/EUR/GBP/CHF 5,000 minimum investment respectively.