Zurich Italia unveils unit-linked product

Eugenia Jiménez
Zurich Italia unveils unit-linked product

Zurich Italia has launched a unit-linked insurance policy aimed at offering diversification, flexibility, innovation and protection to retail clients.

Zurich Portfolio Extra offers a life insurance that in case of death of the insured, would trigger a death benefit to the beneficiary, as well as access to different portfolios managed by four leading asset management firms such as Amundi, DWS, Natixis IM and Rothschild & Co.

With a minimum entry investment of €20,000 - which can be gradually increased -  Zurich's unit-linked product offers clients the possibility to select among one of four types of investment portfolios divided according to the different investors' risk profiles (Linea Portfolio Extra Prudente, Linea Portfolio Extra Moderata, Linea Portfolio Extra Bilanciata, Linea Portfolio Extra Dinamica).