WisdomTree launches US floating rate treasury ETF

WisdomTree launches US floating rate treasury ETF

WisdomTree has launched USD Floating Rate Treasury Bond Ucits ETF (USFR) on London Stock Exchange.

USFR seeks to provide exposure to floating rate notes issued by United States (US) treasury.

The US treasury began offering Floating Rate Notes (FRNs) in 2014 and now, for the first time in Europe, investors can access these notes via an ETF.

US Treasury FRNs make payments to bondholders each quarter with the coupon amount linked to movements in short term interest rates. As investors look for ways to reduce the overall interest rate risk exposure within their fixed income portfolios, US FRNs can help bridge an important gap between short-maturity Treasury bills that do not offer coupon payments and longer-maturity, fixed rate Treasury bonds.

Christopher Gannatti, WisdomTree head of Research commented, "For investors who are looking for another government bond instrument to replace some of the low yield exposures present in many developed market treasuries, US Treasury FRNs could provide a yield enhancement, especially given the flatness of the US yield curve."