Bethmann Bank makes Frankfurt push

Bethmann Bank makes Frankfurt push

Bethmann Bank has opened new office in Frankfurt's financial district. 

German private bank will be visibly present as a unit together with the German corporate banking activities of ABN Amro. So far, the Bethmann Bank was located in the historic Bethmannhof in Frankfurt.

At the new location in Marienforum, the bank will establish banking services for the future: personal, sustainable and digital. It will continue to attach great importance to classic private banking assets, including its close personal relationship with its clients.

With the merger of Bethmann Bank and ABN Amro under one roof, the entire competencies of both banks come together in Marienforum. ABN Amro offers Bethmann Bank an ideal platform to continue the rapid growth of recent years. At the same time, it gives it an important dimension in terms of stability and quality, for example in digitization or in research.