Spanish manager atl Capital unveils megatrends fund

Eugenia Jiménez
Spanish manager atl Capital unveils megatrends fund

Spanish manager atl Capital has launched a fund investing in the megatrends of the future with the aim to participate in their long-term growth.

Cosmos Equity Trends is a global equity fund investing in a wide range of themes including artificial intelligence, robotics, cybersecurity, digitalisation, ageing population or sustainability.

The Fund invests primarily through other funds or ETFs, following an investment process in line with its global investment philosophy, benefiting from the advantages of a wide diversification.

It will invest at least 75% in equities and the remaining in public/private fixed income. The US exceeds 60% of the Fund's portfolio while some 15% is invested in Europe.

"We have identified a series of structural changes that generate clear investment opportunities in the long-term," says the Fund's manager Mario Lafuente.