Over 2.6 million expats arrested in Saudi Arabia

Pedro Gonçalves
Over 2.6 million expats arrested in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has caught 2,666,916 illegal expats in the kingdom as part of the Nation Free of Violators campaign, which was launched in November 2017 as part of the country's saudisation campaign.

The report shows that 45,022 expats, of which 51% are Yemeni and 46% are Ethiopian, were arrested while attempting to illegally enter the kingdom through its southern border. Moreover, 1,907 were caught while attempting to illegally leave the country, officials said, while 3,403 were charged with providing accommodation and transport to illegal expats.

They include 1,095 Saudis, of whom 1,070 were punished and released, while 25 others continue to be investigated.

Of the detainees, 674,952 were deported to their respective home countries, 365,397 were referred to their concerned embassies and consulates to obtain travel documents and 455,098 were finalising their travel procedures, while 2,078,375 were arrested for violating residency terms, 407,966 for violating labor regulations and 180,575 for breaching border security.

Currently, 11,525 expats, of which are 10,132 are men and 1,393 are women, are being held in detention centers across Saudi Arabia, according to local media such as Arabian Business and Albawaba.