BCS Global Markets partners with GKEM Analytica

BCS Global Markets partners with GKEM Analytica

BCS Global Markets (BCS GM) has announced a new partnership with Moscow-based analytical consultancy company GREM Analytica.

BCS GM said it is expanding its analytical coverage by partnering with leading Russian analysts Evgeny Gavrilenkov and Alexander Kudrin. Gavrilenkov and Kudrin are the founders of GKEM Analytica, a new research firm focused on macroeconomics and financial markets. The partnership will strengthen BCS GM's analytical coverage and feature the launch of "Outside the Box," a quarterly analytical report, in March. 

GKEM Analytica will collaborate with BCS GM's award-winning analyst team on‘Outside the Box', a new research offering that will be available for BCS GM's institutional investor base. The reports will be thematic, catering to investors who have an appetite for an alternative view on sectors and additional opportunities. In line with BCS GM and GKEM Analytica's areas of expertise, Russia will be the main market of focus.

BCS GM is expanding its research services to provide increasingly in-depth insights across companies, sectors and new geographies to offer asset allocators, institutions and private investors a broader overview of markets to make informed investment decisions.

Kirill Chuyko, head of research at BCS Global Markets commented: "This joint offering means that institutional clients of BCS Global Markets will get access to the exclusive product Outside the Box, in line with their growing demand for the highest quality analysis. This collaboration will only strengthen our offering - we are bringing in two of Russia's brightest and most recognized financial and macroeconomics analysts."

Evgeny Gavrilenkov added: "Analysis of the ongoing development of the Russian economy is an important element of investment decision making. This joint product from BCS Global Markets and GKEM Analytica will be useful for financial market participants, whether they are already actively investing in Russia or considering doing so in 2019."

Alexander Kudrin also added: "As a part of MiFID II regulation, international institutional investors have come to expect increasingly complex analytical products. Considering the combined experience and successful work of BCS GM's team and GKEM Analytica, we are aiming to provide the highest standards of research."


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