Swiss investment manager BlueStar unveils global multi-asset fund

Eugenia Jiménez
Swiss investment manager BlueStar unveils global multi-asset fund

Lugano-headquartered BlueStar Investment Managers has launched a multi-asset fund investing in bonds and equities globally.

CB - Accent Lux - Multi Income, launched earlier this year, aims at offering investors the possibility to benefit from a recurring income from bond coupons and to a lesser extent from equity dividends, according to the manager.

The Fund aims to search financial markets for coupon yields and share dividends in order to obtain a positive return for the investor, reads the fund's literature.

With around €25.1m of assets under management as at the end of January 2019, the strategy is primarily invested in solid investment grade bonds that constitute the defensive and robust part of the portfolio.

"High yield short duration bonds represent the second relevant source of income, which is actively managed regardless of the natural maturity of the underlying bonds.

"Additional return comes from emerging market bonds and fixed income securities in currencies other than Euro, which are managed through a dynamic hedging strategy," explains the firm.

BlueStar's new fund also invests in a small portion of global market leaders, blue chip stocks, paying attractive dividends.

Mario Cribari, partner of BlueStar Investment Managers, said: "We are very excited to manage a valuable product for investors who are looking for diversification and attractive returns, given the confusing macroeconomic scenario and the very low government interest rates. Our willingness is to capitalize on BlueStar's multi-asset expertise and on our robust risk management process."