Kempen launches global listed infrastructure fund

Kempen launches global listed infrastructure fund

Kempen Capital Management (Kempen) has launched global listed infrastructure fund. Kempen is the first Dutch manager to launch a fund that manages investments on a global scale in listed companies that own or manage infrastructure.

The listed companies that are selected for the fund provide vital services to the community, including (toll) roads, airports, harbours and satellites. They generate stable and predictable cash flows, often indexed for inflation. The high entry barriers and monopolistic position of these companies have a positive influence on the risk-return ratio. As a result, these shares often show an above-average income profile and lower volatility relative to other shares. 

Thomas van der Meij, senior portfolio manager at Kempen, said: ‘Research shows that 75% of the infrastructure that we will have in 2050 has not yet been built. We expect that its funding will increasingly be in the hands of private investors, and that real assets, including infrastructure, will take a more dominant position in investment portfolios in view of the current low-interest environment and the diversification benefits.'  

Kempen (Lux) global listed infrastructure fund is now for sale in the Netherlands.