DeVere launches range of investment solutions under new division

DeVere launches range of investment solutions under new division

DeVere Group today announced the launch a suite of mutual funds under its newly formed brand, dVAM.

Working with Pacific Asset Management, who have built the solutions from an operational, regulatory and technology perspective, the dVAM range of funds represent the "next chapter in deVere's ongoing success story."

DeVere Group founder and CEO, Nigel Green, comments: "We're uniquely positioned in the international space to bring these exciting new propositions to the market due to our scale and resources.

"Managed by some of the world's leading investment management firms, the initial offering from dVAM includes a range of active multi asset funds and a global equity income fund."

"For our clients, we're confident that dVAM will deliver outcome-orientated solutions, outstanding transparency and, importantly, better value.  This is crucial in today's regulatory environment.

"We believe the dVAM funds, which will be offered alongside our existing suite of products from major global financial institutions, will help our clients secure the optimal opportunities necessary to achieve their medium to long-term goals.

"dVAM will maximise deVere Group's pricing power for clients, and increase transparency and operational efficiency when working with the global platforms."

He continued: "dVAM is thrilled to be working alongside Pacific Asset Management, who have a strong track record of working with sub-investment managers. They also have cutting-edge technology infrastructure, unique experience in building asset managers, and an enviable reputation for client service."

Of the alliance with deVere Group, Matthew Lamb, CEO of Pacific Asset Management, said: "We're delighted to be working with deVere, a true, international market leader in providing high quality financial advice and planning services.  It is often said that ‘mutual fund returns far exceed the returns mutual fund investors get.' We believe the reason for this is the communication gap between the people giving the advice and the people running the money.  With the creation of dVAM it will only help to reduce this gap, which over time should lead to significantly improved outcome for clients."

Green went on to say: "dVAM is the next chapter in the ongoing success story of deVere Group, which constantly seeks to develop and adapt in order to meet evolving and growing client expectations, market trends and regulatory requirements across the world.

"Not only will we be significantly expanding our range of solutions under the dVAM umbrella over the next 12 months, we will also be rolling out an ambitious horizontal and vertical growth strategy. The strategy, which will include acquisitions and the launch of new and subsidiary brands, will further galvanise our position as the dominant global firm within the international financial advisory industry."

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