EXCLUSIVE: Fry Group Dubai chief outlines vision ahead of QE2 'launch'

EXCLUSIVE: Fry Group Dubai chief outlines vision ahead of QE2 'launch'

The Fry Group has marked its plans to launch its financial services offering into the Middle East marketplace with a special event held on the Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2), which is docked in the Dubai Port Rashid dock.

The event, which was expected to be attended by about 70 people onboard the QE2, was also set to include members of the England Rugby Sevens team, ahead of this weekend's event in Dubai.

International Investment met up with The Fry Group's new chief executive for the Middle East, Stuart McCulloch, at the company's new offices in the Emirates Financial Tower in Dubai on Tuesday, where he outlined the company's vision for its latest outpost.

The group - the recently crowned 2018 International Investment Best Best Practice award winner for Asia and overall - is expecting the rubber stamping of its operations in Dubai "any day now".

In a buoyant mood, McCullough said that he was excited about what The Fry Group could bring to the competitive Dubai financial services market.

"I think we are bring something different to the table," he said. "It is nice to be part of something that is setting up with a long-term view especially when some of the companies in Dubai are shrinking a little bit.

"We have a genuinely strong message and proposition that is going to resonate on the Middle East."

McCullough, who has previously helped launch two different companies into the region in banking and private banking, said that The Fry Group, once it is fully incorporated, will be looking to add to its staff in early 2019 with the view to building a strong team of advisers.

The company was expecting to hear from the regulator "any day now" regarding an agreement in principle to practice in the region, with full formal regulatory permissions following in the next couple of weeks.

"What attracted me to The Fry Group was the quality of the senior team and the integrity right from the beginning," added McCullough. "Wanting to be seen to best of breed is important. It is all about integrity, transparency, looking after the client and demonstrating value. That is what The Fry Group is all about."