Editor's note: Introducing 'In Depth', our new long-form section

Editor's note: Introducing 'In Depth', our new long-form section

This week International Investment launched its latest new format, In Depth, a section devoted to long-form journalism from around the world.

Every fortnight, we'll be publishing informed analysis and engaging writing on the subjects that matter most to readers. These visually arresting pieces will explore in depth topics from all corners of the world, and across the many sectors of the financial industry. Whatever the topic, our team of journalists and writers will put it in perspective, giving the fuller context, background and detail that's not generally available in our day-to-day news reporting. 

In this week's In Depth article, Nathan Andrews explains the significance of Ukraine's upcoming elections. Forthcoming articles will look at subjects ranging from blockchain in the Middle East to HSBC in Asia, Saudi Arabia's reforms, green investing and the booming trade in citizenship.

We hope you enjoy reading.

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Christopher Copper-Ind

Christopher Copper-Ind is editor-in-chief of International Investment. Before this, he was editorial director of The Business Year, from 2014 to 2017.