Global institutional investors drive Spain's residential property market boom

Eugenia Jiménez
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You claim to build sustainable housing. How sustainable are your houses?

A sustainable home is one that is efficient, in terms of both active and passive measures. Active measures are seeking a low use of energy and natural resources, through insulation and installations. Passive measures are mainly adopted in the design phase, seeking cross ventilation and good sun orientation among other things.

We see a growing appetite from institutional investors to buy residential buildings for rent in Spain, a segment traditionally dominated by individual investors,” Juan Carlos Calvo

Are you taking into account the net-zero carbon emissions target in your building plans?

We abide to our Sustainability Plan, which establishes a precise criteria for selecting suppliers of materials and construction systems. Although we subcontract the construction process entirely, we can monitor the emissions in Co2 and the measures taken by the subcontractors to mitigate their effect.

For people investing in real estate as an asset class, to what extend do their views in sustainability impacts on the return calculation?

Investors, users and tenants are all paying greater attention to sustainability matters. Therefore, the question is not really about their impact on cost or returns, but rather is  becoming a required element to make the product successful.

 Is there any 'labelling scheme‘ you had to sign up in order to claim you build 'sustainable housing'?

Energy certifications (mostly A) are a constant in our developments, both residential and offices. In the case of offices, BREEAM or LEED certificates are used to recognise a quality design and execution, also from the environmental angle.

Eugenia Jiménez
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