New research highlights challenges affecting asset managers' communications

Ridhima Sharma
New research highlights challenges affecting asset managers' communications

New research from Peregrine into the communications effectiveness of 100 leading European asset managers shows a sharp decline in organic search volume (down 31% year-on-year) through Google with fewer than one-in-four seeing an increase.

The decline coincides with a difficult period for the share price performance of listed asset management firms. It also comes as industry research shows that the asset management sector is boosting marketing spending, including the use of digital, and expects to continue to do so in 2019.

“This research shows the key challenges facing marketers as they look to improve the effectiveness of their marketing at a vital point where competition and resistance to traditional marketing are dramatically increasing,” said Anthony Payne, CEO of Peregrine Communications.

“The value of this research, and of the methodology underpinning it, is to develop an objective standard by which integrated marketing communications (IMC) practice can be measured, monitored and optimised. The ability to track IMC performance is game-changing, enabling budgets to be allocated most efficiently and the most effective practices prioritised,” he continued.

The report, ‘Connected Content’ ranks the 100 leading European asset managers in terms of how they promote their businesses across the spectrum of IMC activity. The three highest ranked performers, respectively, were Vanguard, Fidelity Investments and Natixis Investment Management.

The quantitative report, based on analysis conducted on over 7000 data points, unveils best practices for the most effective use of multi-channel communications and provides a methodology for tracking IMC effectiveness across six core key metrics including: Messaging Effectiveness; Brand Awareness; Google Page 1 Strength; Media Sentiment; Social Media Presence and Website Effectiveness.

Integrated marketing offers asset managers significant benefits by leveraging content across multiple channels to maximise their target audience’s time, attention, and engagement. Although many managers recognize that integrated marketing is the right approach for the digital age, there is no real consensus about what constitutes best practice. Peregrine’s research focuses on improving how the various IMC tools can be made to work better together.

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