ETFGI: European ETF assets increase by 28.3% YTD

ETFGI: European ETF assets increase by 28.3% YTD

European ETF assets have increased by 28.3% to a total of USD734bn (€613bn) by the end of August, according to the latest data provided by consultancy firm ETFGI.

Strong growth levels were driven by inflows into equity ETF’s which reported USD44.73bn (€37.3bn) in year to date net inflows, already exceeding the total net equity fund inflows of USD17.98bn (€15.01bn) gathered in all of 2016.

Meanwhile, the growth of fixed income ETF’s slowed down slightly, to USD22.1bn (€18.4bn) year to date, compared to USD25.6bn (€21.3bn) last year.

Commodity ETFs reported net outflow of USD108m (€80.2m) year to date, compared to net inflows of USD875m (€730.8m) around the same time last year.

Deborah Fuhr, managing partner at ETFGI comments on the results: “August is typically a challenging month for equity markets with the average loss over the past 20 years for the S+P 500 at 1.3%. This year the S+P 500 was up 0.31% in August and 11.93% year to date, MSCI ACW was up 0.44% and 15.48% YTD while MSCI EM was up 2.27% for August and 28.59% YTD (all prices in USD). Storms and political risks remain a focus for investors – the ability of the Trump administration to move forward on policy goals and hearings on Capitol Hill, Brexit negotiations, and North Korea is still an area of concern.”