Why Andy Murray isn't the only Scotsman hitting great returns

Jonathan Boyd
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Andy Murray delivered another convincing performance at Wimbledon yesterday, keeping himself in the running to regain the title for a second time. The Scotsman’s upcoming quarter-final will be his eighth in a row at Wimbledon from where he’s progressed to the semi-final three times, the final twice and one famous victory back in 2013.

But Murray is not the only Scotsman to have turned out some great performances in recent years. Scotland is also home to some of the best fund managers in the world who have delivered outstanding performances in terms of returns to their investors. We’ve found four high-flying Scottish fund managers who have been as consistent as Murray at delivering great returns in the seven years since the Scotsman’s first quarter-final back in summer 2008.

BNY Mellon Long Term Global Equity

Scotland’s impact has always stretched beyond its borders and BNY Mellon Long Term Global Equity exemplifies this fact by searching across the globe to find the best stocks. As the fund’s name suggests, it picks stocks for the long term such as US retailer Fastenal, a mainstay in the portfolio since the fund’s launch in 2007 and a consistent contributor to the fund’s impressive overall return of 94% over seven years.

First State Asia Pacific Leaders

Scotland may be worlds apart from the Far East in terms of distance, climate and many other attributes but its home to one of the most successful Asia Pacific funds of all time. Edinburgh-based fund manager Angus Tulloch is a veteran investor in the Asian markets with 30 years’ experience to his name. Tulloch’s Scottish team is complemented by on-the-ground analysts in the key Asian markets of Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney. First State’s far-reaching team has combined to good effect to produce an outstanding return of 115% since summer 2008.

Kames Strategic Bond

Bond funds won’t hit the heady heights in terms of returns that equity funds can deliver but fixed income remains one of the best diversifiers for many of you holding equity-heavy portfolios. Strategic bond funds offer the flexibility to invest across the bond spectrum from gilts to emerging-market debt. Kames’ bond team has shown an apt ability to traverse the bond market to generate a decent return of 65% over seven years.

Standard Life Global Absolute Return Series

For investors feeling concerned about the current turmoil hitting the markets, Standard Life’s absolute return fund is a great way to be invested in the market whilst at the same time reducing the prospect of topsy-turvy returns from the world’s stock markets. The fund’s stability is evident from it producing a positive return in every full calendar year since 2008, the only fund on our list to achieve such a steady performance profile and illustrative of its defensive suitability for the more risk-averse investor.

In addition to the fact all these funds are managed by Scottish-based fund managers, each fund is also a TD Recommended Fund being monitored by our investment team and available on the TD platform.

Michelle McGrade is Chief Investment Officer at TD Direct Investing UK


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