Cristina Brizido comments on implications of French elections

Jonathan Boyd
Cristina Brizido comments on implications of French elections

Cristina Brizido is head of Investments at Caixagest in Lisbon, and a member of InvestmentEurope’s Editorial Board.

In May 2017 she commented on the following question:

Q. Does the outcome of the French election make any difference to your selection approach to European equities?

A. Recent political events around the world, of which the French election is an example, have put a greater emphasis on geographic considerations by portfolio managers. This considerations substantially diminished with the adoption of a single currency by European Union Members. Since then, European portfolio managers have been more focused on sector and style allocations, with country allocations being a consequence of their stock picking analysis. In my opinion, in spite of having geo-political events in their radar screens more than before, equity portfolio managers will continue to remain focused on the key element of analysis as far as equity investments are concerned: the pace of economic activity.

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