Paris boutique launches fund targeting industrial revolution 4.0

Ridhima Sharma
Paris boutique launches fund targeting industrial revolution 4.0

French asset manager Athymis Gestion, in partnership with ACG Management, has launched innovative Athymis ACG Industrie 4.0 mutual fund in order to let potential investors take advantage of the “4th Industrial Revolution”.

Industry 4.0 is a new generation of connected, robotic, and intelligent manufacturing plants and devices. It involves a new way of designing production, with innovation as a prerequisite to provide flexibility and adaptability. This major change will optimise productivity through digital and offer consumers unique and personalised products.

Athymis ACG Industrie 4.0 will be a fund of “mega-trends” invested on several strong trends which means more diversification than traditional thematic funds focused on one sole trend.

“Through this fund, our expertise in the management of thematic funds like successful Athymis Millennial fund and that of ACG Management, are brought together to offer a fund investing in a theme of the future presenting a wide choice of companies. The 4th industrial revolution is only in its infancy and it is with enthusiasm that we take part in this change through our research, our stocks selection and our active management,” said Stéphane Toullieux, president of Athymis Management.

Currently the fund is only registered in France at launch. Investing in stocks is risky and it is recommended that investors read the reference documents carefully before investing.

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