Amiral Gestion gets approval for Sextant fund range distribution in Italy

Eugenia Jiménez
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French boutique Amiral Gestion has received regulatory approval for the distribution of its Sextant fund range in Italy five months after entering this market.

Amiral Sextant fund suite comprises six funds designed to provide investors with long-term performances and limited risk.

The funds’range set for distribution in Italy are the Sextant PEA, the Sextant Autour du Monde, the Sextant Europe, the Sextant Bond Picking, the Sextant Grand Large and the Sextant PME fund.

Four of them – the Sextant PEA, the Sextant Autour du Monde, the Sextant Europe, and the Sextant Bond Picking – are equity funds managed according to a sub-portfolio asset management approach while the Sextant Grand Large fund is managed by a committee that selects stocks based on their safety margins.

The sixth fund of the range, the Amiral Gestion Sextant PME fund, managed by Raphael Moreau, invests in European small-mid caps and it registered a 18.13% annualised average profitability having accumulated a return of 104.50% since January 2014.

Sextant funds’ assets are divided into sub-portfolios, each of them managed independently by one of the team’s managers, who have the freedom to invest according to their own convictions, or conversely to subscribe to the ideas of others, thus leading the funds to be concentrated in the team’s strongest convictions.

The company invests around 18% in pure equity funds, 2% in fixed income funds and 80% in mixed funds.

Last July, Amiral Gestion entered the Italian market through an event held in Milan where the firm presented its business plans for the country.

Francisco Rodríguez D’Achille, who is based in Madrid while collaborating with the team in Paris, leads the Italian business.

Amiral Gestion’s head of institutional business development Rodríguez D’Achille said: “Our main objective is to generate alpha in the long-term. Our historical track record has been great and we are now working hard to achieve those results again in the future. Our sub-portfolio strategy and a wide investment team have guaranteed us enough flexibility to face financial markets environment during the last years. We are pleased to put at the disposal of Italian investors our experience and management philosophy.”

Amiral Gestion, founded in France in 2002, has some 40 staff, of which 28 work as part of the asset management team based in Paris.

The company is Paris-headquartered but has also offices in Madrid – for commercial representation -and in Singapore, where the research activity takes place.

Amiral is fully owned by managers and other employees, is aimed half at retail clients and half at wholesale and institutional clients.

Eugenia Jiménez
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