Pimco expands ESG platform with corporate bond fund for Switzerland

Ridhima Sharma
Pimco expands ESG platform with corporate bond fund for Switzerland

Pimco is now offering its GIS Global Investment Grade Credit ESG fund to Swiss investors.

The fund is the latest strategy available on the Pimco ESG platform. It offers investors access to Pimco’s global investment grade corporate bond strategy with a focus on sustainability issues.

It invests in high quality investment grade corporate bonds while taking into account and promoting ESG aspects. The investment style combines top-down and bottom-up analysis, taking into account both cyclical and long-term trends, with a focus on diversification.

The new fund is managed by the same team as the established Pimco GIS Global Investment Grade Credit fund: Mark Kiesel, CIO Global Credit, portfolio managers Mohit Mittal and Jelle Brons, and Mike Amey, head of PIMCO’s ESG strategies.

Pimco applies a robust approach to its ESG strategies, building on the core investment process and resources of Pimco, which has been used to manage global bond portfolios for decades.

It’s ESG framework includes three key elements: exclusion, evaluation and engagement. Business practices that violate sustainability principles are excluded from ESG portfolios. Enterprises will also be evaluated by their ESG characteristics, with preference given to companies with first-rate ESG practices in these strategies. Another key feature is that the team works with and encourages companies to improve their ESG practices, thereby influencing long-term change.

The new fund is available in different share classes and currencies.

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