Italy's MWE addresses gender gap through Greek myths

Eugenia Jiménez
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Italy’s MWE movement aimed at creating a more inclusive financial industry with a focus on gender parity issues, will be hosting its next event on the 5th of December at the Centro Congressi Fondazione Cariplo in Milan.

Knockin’ on Heaven’s door will address Greek mythology through a workshow presented by Francesca Isola and Laura Strazzeri , who will illustrate the extraordinary powers of Greece’s gods and goddesses, as metaphor of both men and women everyday professional and personal challenges.

The event’s sponsors will be Rothschild & Co and Banque de Luxembourg Investments as usual, but also Candriam and Exane Asset Management will be part of this event.

MWE events are open discussions on diversity, inclusion, and unconscious biases, from varying experiences and professional points of view.

Some 300 financial professionals of over 40 companies have been involved in the 11 events MWE has held so far.

“Our efforts have proven to create a positive ripple effect: for instance, an Italian Bank launched a Women Leader initiative after a senior member attended one of our events,” highlights Paule Ansoleaga, MWE’s co-founder.

The MWE initiative, “a movement launched by women, for everyone” was officially founded in July 2015 by Paule Ansoleaga and Simonetta Cristofari (pictured from left to right).

Ansoleaga explains: “The MWE mission is to build a clear moral and economic case for gender parity and for an inclusive ecosystem in the financial industry.

“We want to re-design the role of capital in society by building a future in which finance is instrumental to social and environmental progress.”

She continues outlining how in her views, gender is just the starting point for addressing diversity since all those supporting the MWE initiative stand for an industry that welcomes everyone, regardless their gender, background, sexual orientation, age, race, ethnicity or religion.

The initiative aims at creating an ecosystem that encourages diversity and inclusion in the financial sector; forming a strong network of financial professionals to encourage idea-sharing and grow together; raising awareness of unconscious biases and promoting an inclusive mindset; and empowering women and all minorities to help them advance professionally and personally.

An extensive report of the MWE initiative will be featured in the upcoming issue of InvestmentEurope‘s magazine.

Eugenia Jiménez
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Eugenia Jiménez

Eugenia Jiménez speaks Spanish and is Iberia Correspondent for Investment Europe covering Spain & Portugal, as well as Italy.