Deutsche Bank unveils global multi-asset fund in Spain

Eugenia Jiménez
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Deutsche Bank has launched a multi-asset fund in Spain that applies a scientific approach to limit risk and take better advantage of the investment opportunities of the equity market.

DB PWM I-A3 Portfolio-Plus 10 is a diversified and global multi-asset fund that protects the portfolio through the systematic analysis of probabilities and the implementation of permanent non-conditional coverage, which limits the potential loss to 10%.

This strategy brings the possibility of increasing the equity exposure more than other investment solutions taking similar risks, “so it takes better advantage of the increases while obtaining higher profitability in the medium term,” Deutsche Bank says.

DB PWM I-A3 Portfolio-Plus 10 follows two different management strategies, designed by the bank’s wealth management division, that do not do market timing as most of its peers.

The first strategy, the Multi Asset Risk Engineering (MARE) Solution, seeks to limit the losses of the portfolio through the implementation of systematic instruments of coverage. The system itself establishes a maximum loss of 10% while protecting itself from falls by analysing the probability of future profitability of over 10,000 liquid financial options.

The MARE solution allows clients to remain invested and take advantage of the increases that usually come after downturns.

The Strategy A3 (Active Asset Allocation) reflects the global investment process of Deutsche Bank Wealth Management, which has more than 100 managers and specialists involved in it. The fund has a highly diversified multiactive strategy, in a global and flexible manner.

The Fund is aimed at Deutsche Bank’s Private Banking and Wealth Management clients, with a minimum investment of 10,000€. It invests worldwide in equities, fixed income, commodities and cash, including foreign currency transactions, and with a minimum time horizon of five years.

Eugenia Jiménez
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