BlackRock launches absolute return fund targeting emerging UK companies

Ridhima Sharma
BlackRock launches absolute return fund targeting emerging UK companies

BlackRock has launched Strategic Funds (BSF) UK Emerging Companies Absolute Return fund, a long-short equity strategy focusing on opportunities created by emerging companies.

These include small, mid and large capitalisation companies that are at the early stage of their life cycle and/or expected to experience significant growth.

The strategy also has the remit to invest in international companies, increasing the Fund’s addressable market.

It expands BlackRock’s High Conviction Alpha suite of active equity funds, which provides absolute return exposures to clients seeking pure alpha returns with low correlation to market indexes.

This range forms part of the four suites that comprise BlackRock’s Active Equities platform: Systematic Alpha, High Conviction, Specialised Outcomes and Thematics.

The fund is managed by Dan Whitestone, who is supported by portfolio manager Nick Little and the wider UK team. It uses a bottom-up, fundamentally-driven investment process, focused on evaluating companies’ real underlying earnings power and identifying emerging structural changes within industries. Ultimately, the managers focus on owning truly differentiated companies that can either disrupt industries and/or are exposed to long-term secular trends, that triumph over macro or economic cycles.

It will also seek to deliver attractive returns with limited correlation to global equity and bond markets.

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