Keppler transfers Sicav fund platform to Universal Investment

Ridhima Sharma
Keppler transfers Sicav fund platform to Universal Investment

Keppler Asset Management, the New York asset manager, transfers its Sicav fund platform Global Advantage funds with its two flagship sub-funds with total assets of €170m to Universal Investment.

The Sicav encompasses the two sub-funds Emerging Markets High Value and Major Markets High Value. Universal-Investment gained the mandate to manage the funds in a selection process.

The Emerging Markets High Value invests globally in emerging market equities using a long-term, value-oriented active market and stock selection process based on comprehensive quantitative fundamental analyses. Both the Global Advantage Major Markets High Value and the Global Advantage Emerging Markets High Value have outperformed their benchmark indices this year as well as in the last twelve months and since launch with below average risk of loss.

The main focus of the allocation in the emerging markets sub-fund currently lies on China, Korea and Taiwan. In the current sector allocation, overweight positions have been given to the financial sector, real estate and utilities. With a comparable strategy, the Major Markets High Value focuses on the markets of the industrialized nations, with Italy, Norway, Austria and the USA currently accounting for the largest country positions.

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