ABN Amro unveils new management structure

ABN Amro unveils new management structure

Dutch financial group ABN Amro has announced a new management structure, aiming to become even more client-focused, agile and efficient.

The new structure includes an executive board at both ABN Amro Group N.V. and ABN Amro Bank N.V. level and an executive committee at ABN Amro Bank N.V. level.

The firm said the structure will become operational once regulators will approve appointments made.

The executive board will initially composed of Kees van Dijkhuizen as CEO, Johan van Hall as vice chairman, Wietze Reehoorn as CRO and the CFO to be appointed. Van Hall will also be responsible for the portfolio Technology & Innovation.

Have been appointed to the executive committee CEO retail banking Frans van der Horst, CEO commercial banking Daphne de Kluis, CEO corporate & institutional banking Rutger van Nouhuijs, CEO private banking Pieter van Mierlo and chief HR & Transformation Gert-Jan Meppelink.

Chris Vogelzang has resigned from ABN Amro’s managing board, in which he was responsible for Retail & Private Banking since April 2009.

The structure and composition of the management level below the executive committee will also be reviewed. The number of executive positions will be trimmed from the current 100 to around 40. The composition of this top 40 will be reviewed annually.

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