Natixis' boutique launches managed futures fund

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Natixis Global Asset Management has announced the launch of a managed futures fund for European investors from one of its alternatives-focused boutiques, AlphaSimplex.

AlphaSimplex’s Managed Futures Fund will invest in futures and forward contracts across several markets including equities, fixed income and currencies.

It seeks to benefit from current trends in the markets, taking long positions in assets in a rising price trend and short positions in those that are in a falling price trend.

Natixis specified the fund also has indirect exposure to commodity markets.

The new quantitatively driven strategy will be co-managed by a team of five portfolio managers.

“In a world that has become more and more interconnected, correlation has increased. We believe this product can be implemented as a strong diversifier in an equity-dominated portfolio”, said Duncan Wilkinson, CEO of AlphaSimplex.

Commenting on the new fund, Chris Jackson, Deputy CEO – International Distribution at Natixis Global Asset Management, said: “Through Natixis’ regular investor surveys we believe that individuals are becoming increasingly aware of the need to have an allocation to alternatives within a portfolio.

“As managed futures are typically uncorrelated to other asset classes, these strategies can be a useful way of diversifying an investor’s portfolio. AlphaSimplex has a solid track record, supported by an experienced team of managers and we believe that this successful offering will resonate well in the European marketplace.”

AlphaSimplex has a six year track record in the US managing over $3.5bn (€3.19bn) as of 30 June 2016 in its managed futures strategy.