Chinese manager registers pair of funds in Switzerland

Chinese manager registers pair of funds in Switzerland

Chinese asset management firm Harvest Global Investments has registered two new funds for distribution in Switzerland in June, InvestmentEurope has learned.

The company has made the Luxembourg-domiciled Harvest China Bonds and the Harvest China Evolution Equity funds, both Ucits compliant, available to Swiss investors.

The Harvest China Bonds fund has been the latest of the Chinese manager’s Ucits funds to be launched last March. It is managed by the chief investment officer of Harvest Global Investments Thomas Kwan.

It invests in bonds issued or guaranteed by Chinese central and local governments, top tier financial institutions and corporations domiciled in China, including Hong Kong. The fund focuses on investment grade credit with a duration of 2-4 years and targets an exposure up to 70% to onshore Chinese bonds.

The Harvest China Evolution Equity fund is run by Yannan Chenye, head of China Equity Research and was launched in March 2017. It seeks to benefit from structural changes in China’s dynamic economy through investments in Chinese equities (H-Shares, A-Shares, ADRs).

Harvest Global Investments was already marketing two funds of its Hong Kong subsidiary’s range in Switzerland: the Harvest Funds Series (Hong Kong) – Asia Frontier Equity fund and the
Harvest Funds Series (Hong Kong) – China Equity fund.

The Chinese manager has $110bn (€93.5bn) in assets under management.