Swiss quant boutique launches fund strategy with Universal Investment

Ridhima Sharma
clock • 1 min read

The independent asset management boutique Strongbox Capital AG and Universal Investment have jointly launched the global equity fund “Strongbox Global Markets Total Return”.

Strongbox Capital’s fund strategy focuses on capital protection in times of market crisis as well as attractive long-term returns. The aim of the global equity strategy is to generate attractive returns while focusing on reducing the inherent risk numbers. By dynamically managing the investment quota, the portfolio risk can be significantly reduced in comparison to traditional long-only equity strategies or passively managed index funds.

Christian Kurz, managing partner of Strongbox Capital, commented: “Our rule-based solution has already achieved very positive results for our investors in asset management mandates. We are very pleased to make our strategy available as a mutual fund today. From now on, we can offer our solution to an even wider range of professional investors.”

All investment decisions of Strongbox Capital and rule-based fund strategy are implemented using proprietary investment models.

The fund strategy considers human tendencies: firstly, the tendency to over- and underreact to new information and, secondly, the tendency to over- and underestimate future market developments. In addition, the leaning towards herding and risk-averse behaviour of financial market participants are taken into consideration. Investments are made on a monthly basis in up to 50 equities from a global universe.

The selection is made using specially developed selection and timing models and includes strict risk management. The investment quota fluctuates between 0 to 100 % depending on the model signals.

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