France-domiciled funds dropped in January

France-domiciled funds dropped in January

The Banque de France has reported overall performances of France-domiciled funds in January 2016.

The performance of non-money market strategies have dropped by 6.4% in comparison with December 2015.

Equity funds have dropped by 12.9% month-on-month with an overall performance of -2.9% in January 2016.

However, if the performances of European, global and index equity funds are in negative territory, these of French equity funds is still positive (+1.5%) even though it dropped from 13.9% in December 2015.

The performances of bond funds and diversified funds domiciled in France have also been negative in January 2016 (-0.2% and -2.6%), recording respectively drops of 1% and 5.7% on a monthly basis.

Alternative funds’ performance has decreased by 4.5% between December 2015 and January 2016 but was still positive (+2%).

Money market funds have slightly risen by 0.06% month-on-month, having recorded a positive performance of 0.18% in January 2016.

According to Banque de France’s figures, France-domiciled funds were managing €1.36trn in assets at end January 2016, split between non-money market funds (€1.03trn) and money market strategies (€334bn).