Solactive & Equileap launch gender equality index

Ridhima Sharma
clock • 1 min read

Solactive has added Equileap global gender equality 100 leaders index has been added to the family of Solactive Equileap Gender Equality Indices.

The new index mirrors the performance of 100 companies leading the field in terms of gender equality according to Equileap’s gender lens methodology. The index is accessible through UBS’s newly-issued ETF, Gender, trading on the Six exchange.

The index methodology selects companies from 23 developed markets that have passed a combination of quantitative and qualitative filters. The former entail minimum liquidity and market capitalization requirements to ensure a certain level of tradability. The latter include light ESG and in-depth gender equality screenings, both defined by Equileap. The gender screen ranks companies on 35 points according to 19 criteria, specifically gender balance in leadership & workforce, equal compensation & work life balance, policies promoting gender equality, and commitment to transparency and accountability.

For the index, the top 100 companies are selected, ensuring an equal weight exposure between US and non-US listed companies. The index is equally weighted, rebalanced annually and reviewed quarterly. The index is calculated as price return, net total return, and gross total return.

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